We Have Nothing To Lose,

And A World To See


Travel is more than just an adventure. Its a burning desire that resonates in your bones and in your blood to just run away - just go. Experience the world and all it has to offer.


People, Places & Palms

A half-year pilgrimage across South East Asia all but filled my hard drive with deliciously vibrant, tropical imagery.

Destinations: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.


Wind, Water & Stone

The power of water to transform stone with never fail to amaze me. Trekking across fiery orange and red rock under a cloudless blue sky made for some amazing naturally contrasted photo ops. 

Destinations: Utah and Arizona, USA.

NZ Waterfall.jpg

Land of the Long White Cloud

My first solo excursion across this big blue planet led me to discover why the tiny islands of New Zealand are such a bucket list item for many travelers.

Destinations: North and South Island, New Zealand


A Taste of the Tropics

Escaping the cold of winter on a little girls getaway with my best friend Mikayla took us through tropical rainforests and miles down deserted sandy beaches.

Destinations: Costa Rica