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5 months of group travel, solo travel, and everything in between. From the tops of volcanoes to the bottom of the sea,

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The Streets

Landing in Bangkok from Vancouver has got to be one of the most surreal, 'holy fuck' moments I've had to date. Noise, cars, scooters, smog, smells of street food cooking, steam, street dogs barking, colours, colours and more colours, paint peeling and chipping off ancient buildings, tiny temples on the same street as a nightclub advertising ping pong shows, taxis and tuk tuk drivings yelling at you, grabbing you. The most organized chaos I've ever laid eyes on. And somehow, everyone coexists.



The Islands

The islands of Thailand


Wanderlust Tours Inc

The Thailand and Cambodia chunk of my trip was spent working with Wanderlust Tours Inc (, a Victoria-based group travel company. I feel beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to combine what I love to do with the chance to travel the world.

Wanderlust offers a variety of worldwide tours year round. Whether you're a first time traveller or a highly experienced traveller looking for a low-stress, well-planned, extremely exciting adventure, I seriously can't recommend them enough!

Learnings & observations...




The history and culture in Cambodia is amazingly well preserved, despite the massive increase in tourism since the 1990s.

General general, met more amazing people here than anywhere... (shoutouts) .... Cambodia new year, hospitalized, missed flight to Vietnam (get your visas well in advance kids! and make sure to check for long weekends!)



The Temples of Angkor are like nothing you've ever seen in your life. Massive, thousand-year-old stone structures lie swallowed up by the jungle just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Built between 1100-1300, Angkor Wat is one of the largest religious monuments ever constructed - and it's sure easy to believe that when standing within the temples. The size, scale and detail is absolutely mind boggling. Every wall in every corridor features incredible floor to ceiling murals. Every pillar is engraved with images of Vishnu, Shiva and other figures of Hindu culture.

There's an energy in the temples that's unlike anything I've felt before. Although many walls have crumbled, many pillars have fallen, and tree roots grow over and through the stone blocks, these temples still feel very much alive. The sheer size of these temples still offers quite corners and solitary sections, despite being one of the most popular tourist hits in Cambodia. 


A.K.A. heaven on earth.

Deep in the Cambodian jungle lies a yoga retreat 

Shoutout to Joel, the Hariharalaya team, and our own little Hariharalaya family, for making it so special.

Joel Altman, founder and director of Hariharalaya

I’ve come to realize that people who are full of light are like magnets, others are drawn to their positivity. This space allows everyone to embrace and share vulnerability, because, while we all came here for different reasons, the root of all of our reasons really boils down to cultivating our physical and mental health, and regaining contact with our true selves. I have never in my life felt so at peace. There’s a certain energy here, and you can really feel it. When we’re paying attention, there isn’t a single moment that isn’t life-changing.

Passage from my journal 29/03/18





Holy crap man, Vietnam is where its at. I mean, I don't want to get thrown under the bus here for letting the secret out, but woah. Vietnam. Gave me the most stories and filled the most pages in my journal, that's for sure.

Q&A / travel advice

North to South, or South to North?

Do I do it by bike? (depends on your time frame. If you have enough time, definitely)

Where are the places you just can't miss?


A few short stories....

- Staying at Mimi's (Lucky and Bon), mural village, canyoning in Dalat, p

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Time traveling and going broke 



You finally made it. If you took the time to read my scattered thoughts, I thank you. If you scrolled all the way down, and will now take the time out of your day to look at the pictures, I also thank you!


Malaysia & Singapore